Hello World!

            My name is Winnie Chan and in my 60+ years as a wife, mother, immigrant, fashion designer, confidante, and new grandmother, I’ve come to learn a few things and to share a few things.
            So, you might be thinking, what is this blog about? The answer is very simple and very complex at the same time. I created this blog to share my life experiences with you all. Through many different life experiences, I realized so much about my life and decided that it’s my time to share my stories, advice, tips, and more in hopes that I’ll make a difference in someone’s life. Years ago, I realized that my youth was fading away and I began experimenting with anti-aging creams. I struggled with finding products that suited my super sensitive skin. My loving husband Henry decided to help me and began formulating skin creams that were effective yet suited my sensitive skin. Thus, MAYLAN Skincare was born, and I’ve never been happier! With this same love & generosity my husband brought into my life, I want to share my life experiences with you all in hopes that you take away something meaningful, and if not at least get a good laugh! I’ve become passionate about sharing tips and tricks on how to care for your skin, and offer my “Winnie Wisdom” on many other topics, so please do ask questions and leave comments!

3 responses to “Hello World!

  1. Oh, I looked at the site and I love it! So fresh and clean looking. Do you send out samples for review purposes?

  2. Hi Jake! Sorry I have not gotten back to you – We do have samples available, but I have to see where you are located. Canada, I gather, correct?

  3. Yeah, absolutely. I’m located in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. It’s right outside of Toronto ahaha.

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