Father & Son

            I went on my usual walk this morning. I met a young father who is taking his four-month-old baby boy for a walk.  The baby is so cute and is so very alert! He responded well to me when I was watching his cute little eyes. He also has three teeth already! So adorable. It seems kind of early for him to be teething, but it’s probably a good thing – I think he is going to grow up be a strong and happy boy.The boy’s dad and I exchanged a casual conversation.  He told me that his baby sleeps with him in the same bedroom with his wife.  I think it’s ok for now, but I advised him to have the baby sleep in his own room otherwise he’ll get used to it and won’t like to sleep by himself. That’ll really take a toll on his sleep schedule, in addition to his wife’s; he thanked me for the advice. 
            I also advised him to get involved in the baby’s life physically. It can be a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it. Building strong relationships between parents and children are very important to a child’s life. By constantly being involved in his life, he will build a richer relationship with the baby boy. Nothing else is more rewarding and fulfilling than having a healthy relationship with one’s children, it is absolutely priceless.
          I also told him that my own son, Alan, is a wonderful father for my grandson. It brings me so much joy to see fathers involved in their children’s lives. I hope to see the baby again sometime soon! I’m sure he’ll be even more adorable when I do.  

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