Babysit Joshua

We were in NYC a couple weeks ago.  We attended a chemical trade show in NJ and for the MNN TV show taping. We also spent one day with our grandson Joshua. He has grown a lot and makes some interesting sentences. Many sentences needed some translation to grasp the meaning and only the parents would understand. I found two sentences were very cute. He would give me something and after I said ‘thank you,’ he would say ‘you’re welcome.’ The other one is when his father left for work and he said to me, ‘I’ll be right back.’ I think he copies his words from his parents.

We took Joshua to the park and I wanted to take his battery operated batman car which his Uncle Brian gave to him last Christmas with us.  Alan told me Joshua did not like it. I think maybe he was just intimated by controlling the car. I wanted to take this opportunity to teach him not to fear and enjoy the ride because he will outgrow it soon.

When we opened the shed he insisted on using his favorite car which he can ride and use his feet to move. Unfortunately his favorite car was too big and did not fit into our rented SUV.  He had no choice but to settle with the battery operated car

When we got to the park, I put him on the car and he would push the button and I would guide his wheel. He had fun and began to enjoy and like it. After bending a while, my back was killing me; it hurt so much. I asked my husband to do it and he started to tell Joshua how to control the wheel by himself and so on. Joshua listened to him for a while and decided he had enough of the lecture then he got off the car and walked away.

I can see our grandson has a strong mind of his own like most other children. I hope his strong will can be flexible.  I also hope he will continue to enjoy the ride and not give up so easily when things are a little out of his control.


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