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My Son Brian’s Wedding


A big congratulation to my son Brian, who got married in July to a beautiful young lady named Sooyun Hong. The wedding took place at The Castle on the Hudson in New York. The venue and the wedding were beautiful. The rehearsal took place back in Brian’s apartment the night before the wedding. We all went out to a nice Italian Restaurant around the neighborhood for dinner after the rehearsals.

At the rehearsals, Brian and Sooyun served us drinks and snacks. One of the drinks had a strawberry it in and a little bit of alcohol it in it. My husband, Henry, was holding our grandson, Joshua, so I wanted to give Joshua the strawberry. As I tried to pick up the strawberry from my drink, Henry started lecturing me about the alcohol in it, but I just wanted to give him the strawberry, the little alcohol in the drink will not matter that much. Joshua could not understand Chinese, but he could probably understand what was going on from Henry’s tone and expressions. When Henry finished talking, Joshua was trying to make a statement to Henry saying “it’s just a strawberry”, thinking what was the big deal about this strawberry? So I gave him the strawberry, his face was filled with agony and his shoulders were shivering after he tasted it. I wished I had my camera ready to capture his expression. Just a moment ago, he contested his grandpa, but now he knew that the strawberry tasted different. He was very cute.


Gilda’s Club Pictures

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Gilda’s Club

            I’ve been meaning to post about our time at Gilda’s Club for awhile now but just didn’t get around to finishing it since it’s been so busy. But here’s a little bit about a great day that we had supporting this terrific organization!
            On November 12, 2011, we were privileged to present our products on the Health and Wellness day atthe Gilda’s Club in NYC. Since opening, GCNYC has offered a place where men, women and children living with cancer – and their families and friends – can join together to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care. The Health and Wellness Day was created to bring in counselors and industry experts to provide information and consultations for its members to improve their health and lifestyles.
            We arrived early to set up for the day. To my surprise, I saw that most of the volunteers were young women and that there were few men volunteers. It is wonderful to see young people taking their Saturday off to care for those living with cancer. I did not have time to get to know them but they were all very pleasant. There were two persons I had the pleasure to get to know a little more. One was the coordinator of the event, Lydia. She is also a young lady that clearly gave her whole heart to the community members tirelessly running around to make sure everyone was fine without even having a chance to sit down. I think she deserves a huge thumps up. Another one was a volunteer for the event named Kelvin who was one of the photographers. He’s also a lawyer like my son. He was taking his valuable time to serve people in need. I think his time was well spent. He made a lot of ladies smile in He was very pleasant and helpful, also taking pictures with great passion. I think all of the volunteers deserved to be praised.
            I understand that cancer adds tremendous pressure to the patients as well as to the families. Dealing and coping with the uncertainty of what the future will hold can be quite distressful. This stress can contribute to a lot of dryness to the skin along with other factors to create some unwelcome appearances on the face. Dealing with the disease is stress enough but calming the skin is another issue.
            Our products are not medicated but are very mild and will not irritate the skin. After continued use over time, it can improve the skin. Usually, I demonstrate our products on people’s hands since most people are hesitant with new products on their face. But at this event, a lot of people wanted us to apply the products to their face and started to line up for me for facial applications! I was a little concerned, because most of them had Rosacea and other skin problems they were sometimes fairly severe. But I also know our products are very mild and was confident that they would not irritate their skin. I carefully cleaned and toned their skin and applied our creams on their faces. The wonderful thing we immediately noticed was that the redness on their skin calmed down a lot. They were very happy with the results.
            The Fair by Gilda’s Club was very rewarding. We put a tremendous amount of effort into this program, but it was worth it just to see people happy. We cannot do much to cure their disease, but we were able to contribute a little smile on their face. That was enough for us.

Henry’s Guyana Trip Part III (Final)

Here is a continuation of my husband’s trip to Guyana last summer:
          The second day, more people came. That brought the total number of people attending the workshop to ten. I was told this was much less than the number of people that said they would come, but it was still a record number of people attending a training class in the community. I spent a little time to go over the initiation phase with the newcomers just as I did on the first day. They worked together to start making the shampoo while the first day attendees finished the shampoo they had started with a day before. The second group did not finish the shampoo making as expected, but was able to observe the second day process from the first group. One of the second group attendees took the partially finished shampoo home to finish it on his own time.
           We all made Crabwood oil cream and lotion after lunch. Again, I divided the people into two groups. One started with making lotion while the other group made cream. Once each group had completed their assignment, they cleaned their mixing container and were eagerly ready for a new assignment in the later afternoon. The group who made lotion earlier was working together to make cream and vice versa. Each person took turns handling the weighing of the chemicals, heating and mixing. This actual hands-on batch making experience is very important; each person not only observed and felt the congealing phenomenon in an emulsion system twice, they were able to observe the other group’s process in re-confirming their learning.
           We completed the training on the second day in the late afternoon. Each person who participated in this workshop had the opportunity to make a batch of shampoo, (second group completed the first phase only), and a batch of cream and a batch of lotion. Each took some sample of what they made home; and each could proudly proclaim “I made these’ as Annie did with her cream and lotion at the seminar. I gave each lady who came for the training a baseball cap and a Blistex lip balm as to represent their “certification of completion”.
           I was supposed to be in Georgetown, on Friday but stayed in the forest for one more day. I visited the shells beach after lunch. It was the first time I was physically out of Greg’s home in about a week. We visited a family in the beach community. This family is responsible for protecting the leatherback turtles as they came in laying eggs on the beach each year. Interestingly, we met a young volunteer from Germany who has been living with this family for about four months in helping this community building an internet site to reach out to the outside world about their mission.
           I wished I had more time to visit other families in the Three Brother Community; especially those that came for the workshop.
           On Monday August 29, 2011, I said goodbye to Georgetown, Guyana; – a beautiful country with many waters – and returned home in the United States. It was a great experience for me to work with people in a community so far away. I pray for this beautiful country, the community people, and the success of their new businesses.