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Joshua Took Over the Dance Floor

My grandson is only 2 ½ years old and he was the ring bearer for Brian and Sooyun’s wedding. However, during the ceremony, he refused to walk down the aisle by himself, so his father, also the best man, had to carry him down the aisle. The entire ceremony he was not happy, but when the reception dinner started he was eating his favorite food with two eyes closed.

The night continued and the dancing has begun. After the Bride danced with her father and I danced with my son Brian, I went to talk to all the guest and relatives, finally saying goodbye to them. I was exhausted by the end of the night. I wore a traditional Chinese dress that was completely embroidered with gold and silver treats, which was very heavy. After saying farewell to all the relatives and guest, I was glad to change back to causal wear.

My relatives and friends told me how amazing Joshua danced, they said that he dance like Michael Jackson. My daughter in law Colleen, Joshua’s mother, told me a while ago that you should see Joshua dance at our friend’s wedding, he was dancing like crazy. He was only a little over 2 year old back then. I thought Joshua was just having fun like any other children would when they hear music. But when I saw the pictures which his grandfather took while he was dancing, I could not believe he really taking over the whole dancing floor, showing off his best ability and skills for the show. Our family is very musical, but I never had anyone in my family completely expressed themselves as freely as him in music. He was taking the full swing of the dancing floor and giving his best for the show.

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My Son Brian’s Wedding


A big congratulation to my son Brian, who got married in July to a beautiful young lady named Sooyun Hong. The wedding took place at The Castle on the Hudson in New York. The venue and the wedding were beautiful. The rehearsal took place back in Brian’s apartment the night before the wedding. We all went out to a nice Italian Restaurant around the neighborhood for dinner after the rehearsals.

At the rehearsals, Brian and Sooyun served us drinks and snacks. One of the drinks had a strawberry it in and a little bit of alcohol it in it. My husband, Henry, was holding our grandson, Joshua, so I wanted to give Joshua the strawberry. As I tried to pick up the strawberry from my drink, Henry started lecturing me about the alcohol in it, but I just wanted to give him the strawberry, the little alcohol in the drink will not matter that much. Joshua could not understand Chinese, but he could probably understand what was going on from Henry’s tone and expressions. When Henry finished talking, Joshua was trying to make a statement to Henry saying “it’s just a strawberry”, thinking what was the big deal about this strawberry? So I gave him the strawberry, his face was filled with agony and his shoulders were shivering after he tasted it. I wished I had my camera ready to capture his expression. Just a moment ago, he contested his grandpa, but now he knew that the strawberry tasted different. He was very cute.

Father & Son

            I went on my usual walk this morning. I met a young father who is taking his four-month-old baby boy for a walk.  The baby is so cute and is so very alert! He responded well to me when I was watching his cute little eyes. He also has three teeth already! So adorable. It seems kind of early for him to be teething, but it’s probably a good thing – I think he is going to grow up be a strong and happy boy.The boy’s dad and I exchanged a casual conversation.  He told me that his baby sleeps with him in the same bedroom with his wife.  I think it’s ok for now, but I advised him to have the baby sleep in his own room otherwise he’ll get used to it and won’t like to sleep by himself. That’ll really take a toll on his sleep schedule, in addition to his wife’s; he thanked me for the advice. 
            I also advised him to get involved in the baby’s life physically. It can be a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it. Building strong relationships between parents and children are very important to a child’s life. By constantly being involved in his life, he will build a richer relationship with the baby boy. Nothing else is more rewarding and fulfilling than having a healthy relationship with one’s children, it is absolutely priceless.
          I also told him that my own son, Alan, is a wonderful father for my grandson. It brings me so much joy to see fathers involved in their children’s lives. I hope to see the baby again sometime soon! I’m sure he’ll be even more adorable when I do.