Joshua Took Over the Dance Floor

My grandson is only 2 ½ years old and he was the ring bearer for Brian and Sooyun’s wedding. However, during the ceremony, he refused to walk down the aisle by himself, so his father, also the best man, had to carry him down the aisle. The entire ceremony he was not happy, but when the reception dinner started he was eating his favorite food with two eyes closed.

The night continued and the dancing has begun. After the Bride danced with her father and I danced with my son Brian, I went to talk to all the guest and relatives, finally saying goodbye to them. I was exhausted by the end of the night. I wore a traditional Chinese dress that was completely embroidered with gold and silver treats, which was very heavy. After saying farewell to all the relatives and guest, I was glad to change back to causal wear.

My relatives and friends told me how amazing Joshua danced, they said that he dance like Michael Jackson. My daughter in law Colleen, Joshua’s mother, told me a while ago that you should see Joshua dance at our friend’s wedding, he was dancing like crazy. He was only a little over 2 year old back then. I thought Joshua was just having fun like any other children would when they hear music. But when I saw the pictures which his grandfather took while he was dancing, I could not believe he really taking over the whole dancing floor, showing off his best ability and skills for the show. Our family is very musical, but I never had anyone in my family completely expressed themselves as freely as him in music. He was taking the full swing of the dancing floor and giving his best for the show.

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My Son Brian’s Wedding


A big congratulation to my son Brian, who got married in July to a beautiful young lady named Sooyun Hong. The wedding took place at The Castle on the Hudson in New York. The venue and the wedding were beautiful. The rehearsal took place back in Brian’s apartment the night before the wedding. We all went out to a nice Italian Restaurant around the neighborhood for dinner after the rehearsals.

At the rehearsals, Brian and Sooyun served us drinks and snacks. One of the drinks had a strawberry it in and a little bit of alcohol it in it. My husband, Henry, was holding our grandson, Joshua, so I wanted to give Joshua the strawberry. As I tried to pick up the strawberry from my drink, Henry started lecturing me about the alcohol in it, but I just wanted to give him the strawberry, the little alcohol in the drink will not matter that much. Joshua could not understand Chinese, but he could probably understand what was going on from Henry’s tone and expressions. When Henry finished talking, Joshua was trying to make a statement to Henry saying “it’s just a strawberry”, thinking what was the big deal about this strawberry? So I gave him the strawberry, his face was filled with agony and his shoulders were shivering after he tasted it. I wished I had my camera ready to capture his expression. Just a moment ago, he contested his grandpa, but now he knew that the strawberry tasted different. He was very cute.


We were in NYC a couple weeks ago.  We attended a chemical trade show in NJ and for the MNN TV show taping. We also spent one day with our grandson Joshua. He has grown a lot and makes some interesting sentences. Many sentences needed some translation to grasp the meaning and only the parents would understand. I found two sentences were very cute. He would give me something and after I said ‘thank you,’ he would say ‘you’re welcome.’ The other one is when his father left for work and he said to me, ‘I’ll be right back.’ I think he copies his words from his parents.

We took Joshua to the park and I wanted to take his battery operated batman car which his Uncle Brian gave to him last Christmas with us.  Alan told me Joshua did not like it. I think maybe he was just intimated by controlling the car. I wanted to take this opportunity to teach him not to fear and enjoy the ride because he will outgrow it soon.

When we opened the shed he insisted on using his favorite car which he can ride and use his feet to move. Unfortunately his favorite car was too big and did not fit into our rented SUV.  He had no choice but to settle with the battery operated car

When we got to the park, I put him on the car and he would push the button and I would guide his wheel. He had fun and began to enjoy and like it. After bending a while, my back was killing me; it hurt so much. I asked my husband to do it and he started to tell Joshua how to control the wheel by himself and so on. Joshua listened to him for a while and decided he had enough of the lecture then he got off the car and walked away.

I can see our grandson has a strong mind of his own like most other children. I hope his strong will can be flexible.  I also hope he will continue to enjoy the ride and not give up so easily when things are a little out of his control.

Christmas with Joshua

I know we’re already into 2012, but I wanted to share a little bit about our Christmas this year.

Whether Christian or not, Christmas is a holiday that brings people together all around the world.  It’s a season where people can put aside all their differences and can come together to celebrate.

One of the best places to spend Christmas is in New York City.  Although it can get extremely crowded, the crowds give so much energy to the city.  Plus there are the wonderful smells of pretzels and nuts and there are lights and decorated windows.

We spent Christmas in NYC this year and spent some time with our grandson Joshua. We stayed with my son Brian in midtown Manhattan in his new apartment.  On Christmas Eve, Alan dropped off Joshua to us because he was going to watch a football game between the Jets and Giants.

We were looking forward to spending the day with our grandson while we were in NY.  To pass some time, we took him to the Bus Terminal on 40th Street and 8th Avenue because there was a large area where he could run and play safely.

He had such a great time.  First, he experimented with the escalator. It was amazing to him since it would take him up and down without him walking. After a few tries, he started to like it and smile.

Second we went in to an Arcade. He was overwhelmed by the noise, the light and the motion of the machines. He was scared but I took his hand and I touched the machines myself to show him they do not bite.  When he got used to the environment, he was excited and tried to play with every game.

Then we went in to the bowling place. There were families with children playing. He watched them play for a while and decided it was his turn. He went to pick up a bowling ball from the rack but couldn’t take it off.  He used his full strength and even lifted his little feet but he still couldn’t get the ball off the rack. He tried the get the ball next to it, but because the other ball rolled, the impact hurt his little hand. He rubbed it a little and continued to try. Finally he recognized he couldn’t do it and he gave up.

After all this excitement, he was very tired. He fell asleep on the way home.

Gilda’s Club Pictures

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Gilda’s Club

            I’ve been meaning to post about our time at Gilda’s Club for awhile now but just didn’t get around to finishing it since it’s been so busy. But here’s a little bit about a great day that we had supporting this terrific organization!
            On November 12, 2011, we were privileged to present our products on the Health and Wellness day atthe Gilda’s Club in NYC. Since opening, GCNYC has offered a place where men, women and children living with cancer – and their families and friends – can join together to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care. The Health and Wellness Day was created to bring in counselors and industry experts to provide information and consultations for its members to improve their health and lifestyles.
            We arrived early to set up for the day. To my surprise, I saw that most of the volunteers were young women and that there were few men volunteers. It is wonderful to see young people taking their Saturday off to care for those living with cancer. I did not have time to get to know them but they were all very pleasant. There were two persons I had the pleasure to get to know a little more. One was the coordinator of the event, Lydia. She is also a young lady that clearly gave her whole heart to the community members tirelessly running around to make sure everyone was fine without even having a chance to sit down. I think she deserves a huge thumps up. Another one was a volunteer for the event named Kelvin who was one of the photographers. He’s also a lawyer like my son. He was taking his valuable time to serve people in need. I think his time was well spent. He made a lot of ladies smile in He was very pleasant and helpful, also taking pictures with great passion. I think all of the volunteers deserved to be praised.
            I understand that cancer adds tremendous pressure to the patients as well as to the families. Dealing and coping with the uncertainty of what the future will hold can be quite distressful. This stress can contribute to a lot of dryness to the skin along with other factors to create some unwelcome appearances on the face. Dealing with the disease is stress enough but calming the skin is another issue.
            Our products are not medicated but are very mild and will not irritate the skin. After continued use over time, it can improve the skin. Usually, I demonstrate our products on people’s hands since most people are hesitant with new products on their face. But at this event, a lot of people wanted us to apply the products to their face and started to line up for me for facial applications! I was a little concerned, because most of them had Rosacea and other skin problems they were sometimes fairly severe. But I also know our products are very mild and was confident that they would not irritate their skin. I carefully cleaned and toned their skin and applied our creams on their faces. The wonderful thing we immediately noticed was that the redness on their skin calmed down a lot. They were very happy with the results.
            The Fair by Gilda’s Club was very rewarding. We put a tremendous amount of effort into this program, but it was worth it just to see people happy. We cannot do much to cure their disease, but we were able to contribute a little smile on their face. That was enough for us.

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